Sunday, August 16, 2009


Miranda was very unhappy when she woke up yesterday morning. She was crying hard, which is uncharacteristic for our happy little girl. Usually, she'll talk and play in her bed until someone gets her, and only fusses if we take too long. But yesterday she had a reason. A fever. She was registering 100.4 on the ear thermometer. We gave her Tylenol, and tried to give her comfort. I made an appointment with the doctor's office, just in case. And I decided to take Duncan in to get his ears checked. They'd both been sick, and I figured Miranda definitely had an ear infection, and Duncan probably not. But might as well check him out while we're there. We got there, and were told that Miranda's ears looked great, throat looked fine, chest sounded good. But her eye teeth are coming in, which can cause fever---intermittent, not persistent. Ok, I thought. Teeth, we can handle that. The nurse checked Duncan. Duncan had been acting pretty normal, but his sleeping has been off, well, more than usual! And he has an ear infection! So, now Duncan is on antibiotics, happy as a lark. He gets two teaspoons of the medicine twice a day. When we got home from the pharmacy, I gave the first teaspoon, and he waited for the next with his mouth open. He even pointed to his open mouth as if to say, "This is where it goes, lady!" And Miranda, who "isn't sick" had a persistent fever the rest of yesterday. They slept horribly last night. He was great today, and she wasn't. Her fever was down, but she wasn't herself. So, chances are good we'll be going back tomorrow. It's all reminiscent of when Evan got sick. So, I'm trying not to freak out. And, of course, I'm starting to sniffle, and Justin, too. Justin has a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, he won't have a cold. Ugh! What a weekend!

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