Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Beauties

Salvia guaranitica "Black and Blue"

I have no excuse for not blogging about the garden. The garden has exploded with color, scents, and in some cases, food! Black and Blue Salvia probably has its name from the cool blue and black flowers. But I hear that it can be a thug in the flowerbed. For me it does spread a bit, but (so far) it's not out of hand at all. I'm awaiting the yellow blooms of my Goldenrod growing next to the Salvia to really make that Black and Blue pop.

Lobelia cardinalis "Cardinal Flower"

Cardinal Flower is a glorious native plant. It likes some moisture, so I've been lucky that it's so happy, as our rain supply has not been up to snuff lately. I had thought that in my springtime privet chopping, I had killed my Cardinal Flower. I flattened something that turned out to be another Lobelia...Great Blue. When I went back to get a replacement plant, I picked up another Cardinal flower. Now that they are blooming, I see that it was the Great Blue. Funnily enough (is funnily a word?!), the blue lobelia I planted last year and thought didn't come back...came back! So, I've got some blue, too.

Rudbeckia fulgida "Black Eyed Susan"

Here's good ole Black Eyed Susan. She's been magnificent this year. All of my Rudbeckias have just been beautiful. I love that pop of color that you get with yellow flowers.

More Tomatoes!

I've been blessed with maters, and beans, more basil than I know what to do with, some cukes, a zucchini (and more coming), and some other stuff. My first year doing the veggie thing has been pretty good. I have to admit I've been lazy with the beans. I pick them and let them dry. I figure I'll shell them and cook them when I have enough to cook for the whole family. Next year I'll try to plant enough plants that I'll have more coming in. Chalk it up to a learning experience, right?


I have several different color sunflowers back behind my vegetable bed. The one in the picture has been the most popular with wildlife. Every morning at breakfast we watch bees, birds (goldfinches!), and various insects snacking. Yesterday Duncan and I watched a squirrel tearing into a sunflower munching on those delectable seeds. And as Duncan said, the squirrel, "made a mess." These flowers and many others have made my yard bee-central, even the endangered honeybee! It's been an absolute pleasure being in the middle of my very own wildlife preserve.


Sherrie said...

That sunflower is really pretty, I love that pale yellow.

Pam said...

That particular color has been very popular with the wildlife. Everyday there's something on there. I'm wondering if it might be "Lemon Queen," which is the one recommended (according to MIL) for honeybees.