Friday, July 17, 2009

Maybe Next Time We'll Just Stay Home

Justin Plays Peek A Boo

We generally play in our own yard, because a) it's just right outside the door, and b) food and drinks and AC are just a few steps away. With some heavy rain on recent days and the humidity level at what can only be called "sticky," we've spent more time indoors lately. And after a week of poorly sleeping kids (which also means poorly sleeping parents!), I decided fresh air is what these kids need. I decided to take the kids to the park, because our yard is distinctly more mosquito-y. We got there, and went to the big kid playground where there were other kids. We played, had a good time, and were only moderately irratated by a VERY loud little girl. She kept asking me if I wanted to play Dora. I said, "No, but my little boy, Duncan, might." Didn't happen. No worries, she found some other kids to play with, and then ended up going to the little kid playground. Shortly after, she seemed to be in some sort of an altercation with another child. Parents were involved.

We played a while longer, and I thought it would be nice to let Miranda swing in the little kid area. We strolled over, and got to playing. The loud girl had gone off with some kids her own age in another part of the park. There were four kids at the little kid area-three on the 2 rocking horse toys, and one on the swing. The little girl on the horsey got down, and Duncan ran right over and hopped on. Naturally, she started to fuss, because that kid just got on her horsey. Her older brother (probably no more than 3) got all hot under the collar, because his sister was upset, and came over and started barking, that's right, barking at Duncan. His mom chuckled and said that he was just trying to protect his sister. Duncan thought it was funny, too.

I asked what had happened earlier with the loud little girl and the altercation. She said the girl was very aggressive. She took the ball that the kids were playing with and ran off. Her son followed, and the little girl (probably 5-6) started punching him. And he punched back. While she was telling me this, my attention had been drawn away from Duncan. I turned to see this lady's son (and another kid) rocking Duncan so hard on the horsey, that he was about to fall off! I ran over with the usual, "Whoa whoa!" sort of talk. The lady told her son to take turns. Blah blah blah. "Bark Bark Bark", said the Dog-Boy. But Duncan was really upset this time, and needed to be consoled. He ran off a little ways by himself, and the Dog-Boy followed him! I had already decided to leave, but this kid's behavior was just so weird, I said to myself, "OK, now's the time." I collected Miranda, got Duncan, and headed to the car. The Dog-Boy followed us, saying, "Stay!" until we got to the edge of the playground! The mother was chit chatting with the other mom this whole time, with the occasional, "Come back, so and so." I'm thinking that Dog-Boy probably barked at the "aggressive" girl and was probably the one that started that altercation. One fun day at the park, huh!


Anonymous said...

was this "park" possibly adjacent to a home for "disturbed" children? that all sounds a little scary to me. Lala

Anonymous said...

Psychologist say that we are only 2 generations away from being uncivilized. This sounds like the third generation.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like spoiled brats. And I am not just talking about the children.