Monday, June 22, 2009

Weeds and Things

Ivy Like Weed

Got this awful stuff everywhere. At least it pulls up easily. More so today, because we're getting rain! Woohoo! We haven't had any more than some sprinkles in more than a couple of weeks. And with the heat wave on, my poor little plants are wilty. Except the weeds. I can admire their tenacity in that regard, but I still don't like 'em!

Echinacea looking a little peeky

I know there are some funky green Coneflowers out there, but I'm pretty sure this one didn't start off that way. I'm pretty sure this was a "Razzmatazz," with pink mum like blooms. I'll have to look through my photos to be sure. Any chance one of the newer Coneflower hybrids could wack out like that? I figured if anything, it would revert to the regular Purple Coneflower. But green?!

More Stone!

I bought this stone to do a border around the playground area in back. Now, I'm think I'll use it for a path by Evan's garden. I'm thinking pavers around the playground instead. What do you think?

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Sherrie said...

I like the stone, it would look nice as a path. I've also had good luck using pavers as edging, but always with the plastic edging, too. Weeds STILL find a way through, though!