Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fruits of my Labor

Another Beautiful Nameless Red Daylily

I got this red daylily at the plant trade. It's planted in a small grouping of daylilies, a Turk's cap lily and Swamp Hibiscus. All trade plants! How cool is that? And free! (My inner cheapskate just sighed happily.)

Hymenocallis festalis "Spider Lily"

This is the one Spider lily that looked fantastic that I also got at the trade. The three others I picked up at Crazy Eddie's are looking much healthier. So, hopefully I'll get blooms out of all of them this year!

Sarracenia purpurea "Pitcher Plant"

Pitcher plants are cool little insect eating plants. I placed this one back in the backyard where we have a mosquito problem. hopefully, this plant will get plenty to eat!

Echinacea "Evan Saul"

I moved my Evan Saul Coneflowers from the Butterfly Garden to Evan's Garden last fall. I crossed my fingers, but didn't hold my breath. You know, just in case. They didn't look all that great when I moved them, but now, they look super happy and healthy. And I think the blooms are more orange this year. Helps to have some rain, I guess!

Daylily "Big Bird"

My new centerpiece in Evan's Garden is Big Bird Daylily! A fabulous, tall (I'd say probably 3 feet?) daylily with bright yellow blooms. I placed it in front of my Buckeye, which will eventually be 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide. now? It's just a baby, and looks dwarfed by Big Bird.

Echinacea purpurea "White Swan"

I planted all of these White Swan Coneflowers in the fall after we were put on a watering ban. I had a lot of lugging around buckets from my rainbarrel. I ran out of water, and waited (not so patiently) for either rain or the AC drain to fill it back up again. We got through the dry period, and this year's rains have everything up and beautiful. Although, we haven't had any rain around here for a couple of weeks. And the temperatures are in the 90's. Not cool! Literally!

Orange Crocosmia

A hot orange color for the hot summer garden. I've got lots of Crocosmia in my Butterfly Garden. It looks just like strappy foliage until mid June, and then, Wow! It's like fireworks on the ground!


Our first little mini harvest! I'm so excited that we actually have enough of a couple of things in the Veg Garden to eat! Woohoo!


I've got lots of beans on my bean trellis. And there are actually some beans coming in on a couple of my black bean plants! It's funny, but I'm so excited because I guess I didn't think anything would come in for me. I realize that I will have small yields, because I didn't plant a lot of stuff, but hopefully I'll have enough for our little family. And I will definitely have the learning experience, right? If we are still in this house next year, I will definitely add at least one new veg bed (two, if I can.) And and arbor, and....:)

My Bounty!


tigris said...

Neat! Look at all those beans! I've had great luck with the cherry tree this year, but the groundhog demolished my peas and cabbages.

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