Friday, June 19, 2009

The Summer Sillies

We're not spending as much time outdoors right now, because it's scorching hot! So, we've tried to have some indoor fun instead.

The kids have missed their outside explorations, but they seem to make due with all the cool toys in the playroom. Duncan creates new objects out of a couple of familiar toys each day. People keep telling me he's a budding engineer. I'm pretty sure they're not talkin' about trains. Harhar.

Our little Panda Bear in her panda bear jammies. Unfortunately, Miranda has decided to take this opportunity to hone in on her climbing abilities. That table she's leaning on? She climbs up on it and dances. Yeah, I know.

Duncan got some silly sun glasses in a birthday goody bag yesterday. We decided to try them on when we got home. (Well, I decided to forcibly try them on Duncan. He wasn't so crazy about it.)

But I was! yep, that's crazy ole me. I was feelin' the love, because I played flute for Duncan's schoolmates. They were learning about Ireland this week, so I played them a few Irish ditties. I was nervous that they would throw things at me (like crazy sunglasses or something), because 3 year olds are notorious for being a tough crowd. I got a lot of "We have a guitar at home" or "I like the flute" or "No, that didn't sound like a bird." But the highest praise I got was from Aidan, who said my playing was "cool awesome!" and another kid said seriously, "My mommy can't do that."

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