Monday, June 8, 2009


Duncan has decided that he doesn't need an afternoon nap anymore (unless, of course, it happens by accident in the car.) He hasn't napped in a while, and I'm slowly getting used to it. And usually, he has energy to spare all afternoon. Unfortunately, I don't!

The down side to being up and going at a run since 7:30am is that it's going to catch up eventually. For Duncan it seems to always be at dinnertime. When Duncan has to sit still for more than a few minutes. The quiet, the food, the...zzzz. The poor little guy all but crashes into his plate.

It happened again tonight after a long day of playing in the heat, getting a dapper new hair cut (these photos aren't from tonight), and eating cookies. He fell asleep eating spaghetti. Justin held Duncan for a good hour, and then took him upstairs to try to get our little sleepyhead ready for bed. And poof! Duncan woke up all refreshed!

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