Sunday, June 14, 2009

Say, "Cheese!"

Duncan got one of those kid's digital cameras (you know, the kind you can drop a hundred times, and it doesn't matter?) for his 3rd birthday. And he's been quite the little photographer. Well, he already was quite the photographer, but now he doesn't have to pretend to take pictures. Because he really is taking them! He took, oh, only about 200 pictures that first day! I think the last total I saw on there (and this doesn't include the ones I've deleted that were just too bright or too dark) was around 700! I don't think I could take 700 pictures in two weeks time. Although, I generally don't take photos of my feet, my toys, the ceiling, the floor, the floor, the get the idea. Unfortunately, we haven't downloaded any of his pictures for me to show you. Something else I need to do is to videotape Duncan "at work."

He picks up the camera (or whatever he's pretending is the camera), says, "Say Cheesity Cheese!", waits for me (or Justin) to say "Cheesity cheese," then takes the picture with a "psst" sort of spitty sound effect.

And then he says, "Good job!"

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Anonymous said...

Love the new bangs on Miranda! That little hand in the air thing she's doing is pretty cute too. My little lightening bug catching partner needs to bring his camera next time we go out huntin bugs. Lala