Sunday, June 14, 2009

One of These Things is Not like the Other

There used to be a patch of lawn up by the edge of the road that really suffered. I think it was just too hot there by all that asphalt. It was (and is) a sunny spot, but needed something a little tougher than fescue. Because the fescue? It couldn't take the heat, and was letting weeds infiltrate. Tsk tsk. So, I took shovel in hand, and dug out an area probably about 3 feet deep by 20 feet wide. I amended the rock hard soil (which might have been part of the problem, ya think?) and decided to plant one of nature's toughies: the daylily. Daylilies can take drought, they can take moisture, they can take heat, they can take sun, they can take part sun. Shoot, they may be able to take shade, but just not bloom so much. I thought to myself, "If anything can make it up there by the road, it's daylilies."

Hemerocallis "Wineberry Candy"

This was back in the Fall of 2007. I went to a local nursery and looked for what was left over from the summer. I wanted a bunch of one kind of daylily, so I had my work cut out for me. I ended up choosing "Wineberry Candy," because they had several plants, and I figured I could divide them out to make up the rest of the area. My internal cheapskate was happy.

And when Summer 2008 rolled around, I had lots of pretty blooms in a once difficult spot. Not all of the plants bloomed, but I figured they would, too, in time.

Summer 2009 is here, and the daylilies are looking spectacular. And this year, almost all of them are blooming. "See," I said to myself, "all they needed was a little more time." I drive or walk by them each day, and smile. Until I discovered something was amiss.

There was (and is) a single red nameless daylily in there with my peachy-purple throated "Wineberry Candies"! Who is this beautiful stranger? And why couldn't more have been just like her? That's right. I love the red one. In fact, I've been thinking about buying some red and yellow daylilies to put in raised beds around the playset in the backyard. This means I don't have to buy the red ones! My inner cheapskate is very happy!

Now, if only some yellow ones could show up for free. Hmmm.... Anybody wanna trade?


Anonymous said...

I have some Stella d'orras (sp?) if you want to get some of those-they bloom a lot in the sun but they are smaller than what you have. lala

Sherrie said...

Very pretty! Oh, and they don't even seem to mind deep shade, at least the ditch lilies don't... actually, I think I had a red one back in the back that bloomed in full, and I do mean full, shade, also.