Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New 'Do

Evan around the time of his first haircut

Duncan has a lot of hair. He always has. He was born with a thick head of dark, dark hair. It all fell out, and came back in a lighter shade, but still thick. And it seems to grow quickly. Maybe it's just because I hate taking him to get his hair cut. Evan's hair was so light and fine, I could wait a while between cuts. In fact, Evan didn't get his first cut until he was 15 or 16 months, because I had trimmed it myself (around the ears and bangs) for that long. And honestly, Evan had that Charlie Brown almost no hair thing for a long time. Duncan had his first haircut well before his first birthday. We did all of the M&M bribing, and chocolate chip cookie feeding necessary to get him through the ordeal, preferably without tears. He seems to do better nowadays, thankfully, but it still seems too frequent!


I've been thinking that Duncan was looking a little shaggy since before his 3rd birthday in mid May. I finally took him in a week and a half or so ago. He did great till the very end, and by that point he was done! He wanted that cookie, by grannies.


And he got it, and a cute new 'do to boot. I love little boy haircuts. I know moms that let their little guys have longish hair, because they have some curl. That's never been an issue for our boys. Straight as a stick! I thought Miranda needed a cut, too, but the place was packed, and I thought to myself, "I'll just snip her bangs. No biggie." And then I did this to my poor little girl:


I butchered her bangs. Sure, she looked cute. But those bangs were really crooked, and the OCD in me could not take it! So, I took Miranda in for her first haircut, like big brother Evan, at 15 months.


And it was a good decision. She was not happy AT ALL during the appointment. She cried, she wriggled, but a miracle occurred, and she got a cute little bob.

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So sweet!


frogonthefly said...

Very cute!

Cambria said...

adorable! Calder has no hair. I think his first haircut may be for his 16th b'day.