Thursday, June 25, 2009


It all began when I got Justin Guitar Hero III for Christmas 2007. He played the game and loved it. And I just didn't get it. Finally, after some coercion, I tried it out, and found out that, yes, it is fun! It was cool to play along with Ozzy on "Crazy Train," find out that ZZ Top has a song called "LaGrange" that can only be described as badass. After months of playing old, familiar tunes, I branched out. I saw some song called "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse. "Hmmm...that's a weird song title, " I thought to myself, "Never heard of Muse." I tried it, and thought the guitar part was challenging (I always played on the Easy setting, so nothing was ever really challenging!) But I thought the song was kind of cool. It reminded me of The Ventures, a guitar heavy band from the 1960's that makes me think of the beach (surf music) plus Queen. You know, one of the greatest (if not the greatest!) rock bands in history. I looked up Knights of Cydonia on youtube. And found a goofy video that was made for the MTV type channels, and lots and lots of live concert footage. I checked the concerts out, too. Awesome. And pretty soon I was listening to everything I could get my hands on by Muse. And Justin was hooked, too.

And pretty soon Duncan was pretending to rock with his own guitar while listening or just singing the bits that he could remember. Then Miranda came along. It's taken her a little while to become a fan, but now if we have Muse playing, she comes up to watch the video. Every. Time. And they're like lullabies. If either child is fussy, Muse is their, well, muse. Both Duncan and Miranda sing along to the songs that they remember. It's a little early for Miranda to ask for particular tunes by name, but Duncan is. Of course, he uses his own title for his favorites, like he calls Knights of Cydonia "Fiyiyi" (with a long i sound.) You can listen to the first 60 seconds to figure out why.

And oh yeah, we're seeing them (and a little band called U2) when they come to the US in the fall! Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Boy, what a performer! He really 'gets down' with that guitar and a stage. Luv.