Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Little Magician

Last night after a particularly icky Miranda poopy diaper, I took our sweet girl up for a nice, cleansing bath. She had a great time, as usual. We came back downstairs for a little quiet time, as we were ahead of schedule. Miranda was quietly playing in the playroom (Will I never learn?!) She came in just as I was about to get her yogurt. And I smelled something that could only be described as organic. I said with exasperation, "You didn't have another poo already?!" No comment. I peeked in the diaper. No poo. I took a look at my little sweetie, and didn't see anything...at first. On closer inspection I found poopy hands, and a poopy leg (inside her pj's!) I got her undressed and cleaned up. And then I found, a...ahem...little mess in the playroom. So, somehow Miranda had pooped (and peed!) on the floor, gotten it down her leg, and on her hands, but not in her diaper. I'm not sure what kind of magic she had to perform to poo without it getting on the diaper. I decided to dress Miranda in a more confining pj outfit. Basically a onesie with long pants. I thought she would not be able to get all Houdini in that! I put her to bed, and she slept like a little angel. We all got up this morning, and the pj's were intact, the diaper was still on. Just a fluke. Shew! We all had something to drink and were thinking about breakfast, when all of a sudden Justin says, "What's that around Miranda's foot?" I looked. It was her diaper! She had pooped, and removed her diaper while still wearing her Houdini pj's! I undressed her, cleaned her up, and she went and sat on the potty. Only, the lid had to be down. Such a girl!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is ready.

Anonymous said...

Little Poodini

Anonymous said...

You could play this one for all it's worth. Get them to try and "out doo" each other getting potty trained! (Sometimes Mommies have to resort to a few tricks to get things accomplished)