Monday, June 29, 2009

Ghost Stories

Toddlers are known for having irrational fears. I remember our niece being afraid of an alligator in her Daddy's truck. Evan started talking about monsters when he was two and a half. Not really out of fear, but seemingly out of the need to explain everything to us simpletons.

We'd ask, "Is Daddy a monster?"
"No, Daddy's not a monster!" he would say, exasperated.
Or, "Is your bear a monster?"
"That's not a monster. That's Bear Bear!"

I made these cute ghosts for Halloween 2007 after seeing some pictured in a parenting magazine. They didn't seem to make much of an impression that first year, but Duncan was only 18 months old. Last Halloween, however, Duncan noticed the ghosts, and every time he saw them he would do a quavery "Ghost! Woooooooo!" (And, somehow, Justin managed to get Duncan to start saying in the same quavery voice, "Toast! Mmmm!") Duncan found our little wispy friends fascinating, and he even gave one a kiss! I packed the ghosts away after Halloween, much to my son's dismay. And not much has been said about them since.

When Duncan visited his Grandma and Grandpa recently, Grandma led Duncan down to The Basement to get something out of the freezer. It just so happens that they have their artificial Christmas trees down there. They have to keep them covered most of the year to keep them clean. I'm guessing they have them covered in white plastic or some other material. And naturally, to the overactive imagination of a little boy, those trees had a certain familiar look. Duncan tugged on Grandma's hand and whispered, "Ghosts!" I'm not sure if Grandma showed him the trees or not.

And maybe this trip to Grandma's inspired the latest round of ghost talk. We've started having some little talks that remind us of Evan and his monsters.

"Is that a ghost, Duncan?"
"That's not a ghost." (Or sometimes, it is!) But my favorite so far was when looking at a reflection in the mirror, I asked Duncan if the boy in the mirror was a ghost. And he said, "That's not a ghost!" He pointed to himself, and said, "That's Duncan!"


Sherrie said...

Hah, that's awesome!

Amy said...

'toast! mmmmm!' is awesomely funny