Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miranda and Friends

Hydrangea serrata "Miranda"

I purchased a couple of Miranda hydrangeas this year for the Shrub Island-turned-plants-with-my-kids'-names-Garden. The pictures I saw online had blue flowers, so imagine my surprise when they came in pink! I'm guessing the ph to the nursery's soil was alkaline. And I'm also guessing that, unless I started amending for next year, I'll have blue blooms in future years. Where I live you never, ever see pink hydrangeas. I don't know if it's because people prefer the blue, or they just don't want to go through the hassle of altering the soil ph. Laziness, in other words. Thing is, I like the pink. I mean, it's my daughter's hydrangea, afterall.

See how pink "Miranda" is!

Spigelia marilandica has got to be one of my favorite native plants. Look at those vibrant red blooms. They really light up my woodland garden. I don't have much else blooming back there past early spring, so the Spigelia is a real standout. Hmmm...maybe I need some summer bloomers in there. Any ideas? Heuchera? I need to get some more Spigelia, too. One is just not enough!

Spigelia marilandica "Indian Pink"

I have a few things blooming in Evan's Garden: one Oakleaf Hydrangea (the other's not even in bud!), two Virginia Sweetspires (aka Itea), melampodium, bat faced cuphea (thanks to LaLa!), and this fabulous "red" Tiger Lily. It's kind of burnt orange to me. What do you think?

Red Tiger Lily with Itea "Saturnalia" in Evan's Garden

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