Monday, May 11, 2009

May Beauties

April showers really have produced May flowers this year! We've been experiencing wet weather for the first time in a few years. It's actually pretty much what we average, but it seems a lot wetter, since the drought years were so tough.

I took a walk around the yard with the not fancy camera (I really need to get some batteries for it!), and got some good pics of a few things (and bad pics of a lot of things!) Here are some of the decent ones:

Clematis "Niobe"?

I read in the spring about the different types of Clematis, and the different times one should prune them. I cut one (or both maybe?) back in the spring, and they are both coming in beautifully. Last year I had strange blooms on the unnamed pink Clematis. The one or two flowers that have bloomed this year have looked perfect!

My Plant Swap Stash

Here are all the plants I plan to take to the swap this weekend! It's always fun to get together and talk plants and family and everything else. The other day when watering my stash, I saw a snake slither out of one of the pots. I'll definitely have to take care when packing them into my car! I certainly don't want to have a snake in there, or give one to a friend, either!

Apothecary Rose?

Speaking of plant trades...this little rose appeared in my box one year. It's still pretty small, but loaded with blooms this year! A surprise plant showed up right next to this rose...a foxglove! I dug them up (along with many other plants) during my "dig up the toxic plants" period. Since they are biennial, I am guessing this plant had the rest period last year, is now up and looking lovely this year.

Wave Petunia

I bought a bunch of annuals from Crazy Eddie's recently. I bought a hanging basket of Wave petunias for something like $4. I brought it home, and divided it into three pieces. Three plants for $4! As Clark Howard would say, "What a savings!"

Peony "Sarah Bernhardt"

Peonies are just plain gorgeous. I also got this from Crazy Eddie's. Sarah Bernhardt is supposed to be fragrant, and this plant has had a nice scent before, but not this bloom. Or maybe I should take another whiff first thing in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Who's the lucky person to get the snake/and what do you get in return?