Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exploring is Messy Business

Today I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up messes. Actually, I do that everyday. And with two spilly little ones around, there's no wonder why we have ants. After a couple of weeks of trying to get rid of them by being cleaner, we finally decided on setting out those ant bait things. And there seemed to be a little less activity today. Until Duncan decided to dump out half the sugar. It was everywhere (like sand, Amy!) It took a good hour to sweep, vacuum, mop, mop again, wipe, wipe some more, and then give up. And there was clearly more there, because I saw little ant gatherings here and there. I'm sure it was like they found the smorgasbord. Later, we had lunch and went outside. I wanted Duncan to burn off some of that energy before the rain came. And I secretly hoped that it would burn enough off that he wouldn't get into any more trouble. We had been inside for just a few minutes, when I heard the distinct sound of something liquid being poured. I yelled, "Stop what you're doing!" But it was too late. A whole gallon of milk was poured in the fridge and seeping out onto the floor. Duncan had already been admonished for pouring out the sugar. So, he got the time out chair. I cleaned up most of the mikl. When he got out from time out, I gave him some paper towels to help. He did for about 10 seconds, and the just stood there. I told him help or back to time out. So, it was back to time out. So, I'm hoping that Duncan will be really schmoozing it up for Mother's Day. I've got it coming, dangit!

Evan did his fair share of spilling, too. I don't remember Evan pouring things out as much as Duncan (Duncan is our little scientist.) But, like all toddlers, Evan was a bit messy. He was a really good eater, but he wore a lot of what missed his mouth!

Once I walked in on Evan trying to administer children's Tylenol to himself. Lucky for us, he'd observed Mommy or Daddy pouring the medicine into the little cup. It didn't occur to him to just upend the bottle. We caught him very carefully trying to pour it into the little cup! That's how it's done, afterall! (And so much for childproof caps, right?)

All of our children seem to think that what is on Mommy and Daddy's plate (or in our cups) tastes better. We'll have the exact same meal for all of us, but Duncan leans over to take a bite off my plate.

When I left a little bit of chocolate milk in a glass, Evan eagerly climbed into my chair, and started gulping it down. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell, breaking the glass and giving himself a nasty cup shaped bruise on in face.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could put stuff out of reach.

Pam said...

They are out of reach. Duncan is a climber. He climbed to the top of the shelf to get the sugar. The pantry is usually locked, but the door is broken. And I just missed locking the fridge.

Amy said...

Haha! It gets everywhere! Oh, the horror of sugar all over the kitchen. I hate "sticky."