Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Duncan just turned 3, so we had to celebrate! We decided to keep things small again this year, and just invite the family. We did the usual birthday activities...ordered pizza, got a cake, piled up presents for the special boy. Duncan wasn't very interested in the pizza. When asked if he'd like a slice, he politely refused. "No, thank you," he said. I call this behavior being politely belligerent. When it's time to cut the cake, it's traditional for the birthday boy to be in attendance. "Duncan, do you want some cake?" "No, thanks," he says. Finally, when his cousin Beau tells him it's a firetruck cake, Duncan seems interested. He climbed up on a chair to see the cake. He took the firetruck toy off, and climbed back down to play. He wasn't interested in the eating part.

Duncan and Beau

What finally brought the birthday boy back over was the lighting of the candle. When he sees a fire, whether it's a candle or the flame on our gas stove, he almost always says, "Fire! Emergency!" and starts trying to blow out the flame. And with a huff and a puff, he blew the big number 3 out. And went back to playing with his firetruck. "Do you want some cake, Duncan?" "No, thanks." He must have thought we were a hardheaded bunch!

Justin, Duncan and Beau

After the rest of us ate, we gathered to watch Duncan open up his presents. He opened up the biggest one first, naturally. It was a crane! The biggest, noisiest, most annoying thing his Pop and LaLa could have found. He threw the firetruck down, forgotten. And the rest of us and the rest of the presents were forgotten, too. I ended up unwrapping his presents and showing him all the cool stuff he got. he remained unfazed...

Duncan, Beau and Miranda

until I opened the jackhammer from Aunt Pookie and Uncle Wes. This was a little boy's fantasy! Noisy trucks! Noisy construction equipment! What could be better? Taking them outside!

Miranda enjoying outside!

Beau and Duncan and The Jackhammer

This gave everyone else a chance to play with the crane.

Carmella and Miranda and The Crane

We ended up taking the crane outside, too, where Duncan played with it for hours (on an empty stomach!) It was a wonderful birthday for my little guy!


Sherrie said...

Great pictures! Wish we could've been there!

Amy said...

Happy birthday Duncan!!!