Wednesday, May 27, 2009

40 Days of Prayer

Evan Verfurth is a beautiful 4 year old boy. His life before meningitis was full of laughter and smiles. Since contracting Bacterial Meningitis in December 2007, Evan's future has become uncertain. He is re-learning everything, but the doctors still don't know what the final prognosis will be. Evan suffered brain damage from the disease, and brain injuries take a long time to heal. Evan's mom, Trish, is beginning a 40 Day Prayer Vigil on June 1 to ask God to heal Evan's brain. As another family touched by this awful disease, we will be participating in the prayer vigil (it's June 1- July 10.) Please join us in your prayers!

Check out Evan Verfurth's updates. Trish will have a prayer each day on the site during the vigil.

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