Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Disappointed!

The kids and I were out of town most of the week, spending some quality time with the grandparents. I watered my seedlings on Monday, thinking we would return Friday morning at the latest. Well, while we were away, I learned of the death of a longtime friend. She lived in the same area as my folks, so I decided to stay one more day to be able to attend the visitation of someone special. We got home Saturday morning, and many of my seedlings were toast! I'm so upset! And these were my do-overs from the last failed attempt. So, now I'm thinking I will just sow the seeds directly into the ground, and let Mother Nature take care of it (she has much more experience!) So, fingers crossed, I'll still have my Teddy Bear Sunflower, Bunny tail Grass, and veg. And another thing...I finally called Wayside Gardens to check on my Panther Lily that they were supposed to send in the spring. The lady on the line said the order had been canceled, and a coupon sent (it was in the mail yesterday), and a 15% off coupon. And I feel the same way she did, "They should have let you know." So, she canceled it off my credit card. I can't say the Wayside experience was all negative, I did get the other bulbs I ordered in good time last fall, and they're coming up now. So, I may use that coupon for something in the new catalog.

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lynni said...

new to Blogger, so if you got this already, I'm sorry. Also lost a son Evan to meningitis, 11 years ago. Please e-mail me at Am Exec Director of the National Meningitis Association