Sunday, April 19, 2009


We practically live outdoors this time of year. The weather is beautiful, and the mosquitoes aren't out. Well, not in droves. The only thing that drives us back indoors is rain. We've been droughty the last couple of years, but this year is starting off nice and rainy. Of course, that means finding stuff to do inside!

Duncan, our resident Guitar hero, also "makes music" on his homemade drum set.

Thankfully, once the rain stops, we can get our little noise makers back outside, where it doesn't hurt my ears if they yell. Ha Ha--I said if!

Miranda loves to swing. She sits in that little seat, while I bebop around doing stuff in the yard. I go back and push her, and then run around digging, planting, whatever. When she's done, she sometimes says, "All done!" I let her down to run around. Unfortunately, she usually makes a beeline towards the creek.

At times like this it's good to have another pair of hands (and feet!) to keep up. Surprisingly, Duncan doesn't get into too much trouble, beyond throwing toys in the creek. So, I can run around after Miranda fairly freely.

After a little time away from the swing (oh, about 2 minutes!), Miranda wants to swing some more. And that's ok. That means I get some rest! Unless, of course, Duncan chooses this moment to run around to the front. Then we all go.

The only thing better than swinging is playing with Big Brother. She watches Duncan play while she swings. She peeks around me to see what he's doing. When he comes over to play near us, Miranda is "all done" and has to get down. She runs over to play with Duncan in the Sand/Pebble Box. They load and dump rocks and sand into Duncan's little dump truck. Outside is the Best. But Big Brother is Better!

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Sherrie said...

Very cute! Remember these days when the fighting starts... ;-)