Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh Hail No!

We had some more severe weather last night that resulted in pebble/marble sized hail. Thankfully, the hail didn't last too long. The plants looked a bit downcast this morning, but they've perked up now. So, it definitely could have been worse. Hail always scares me, because I've always associated hail with tornadoes.

I've been planting like a maniac, and I'm mostly done except for some annuals. I was afraid of a late freeze, but it's not looking like it's going to happen (crosses fingers), so I might as well get those going soon. I think I'll be going back to Crazy Eddie's Used Plants for more cheap stuff. I hate to spend much on annuals, since they're just here for the season. Ya know what I mean? I planted my Miranda hydrangeas in the same "Island" bed as my Duncan Deutzia, and also decided to put some Evan coneflower in, too. I sowed some seeds in the veggie garden--sunflowers, two kinds of beans, and carrots. I also sowed the Teddy Bear Sunflowers and Bunny Tail grass in Evan's Zoo Garden. We'll see how they do out there. If I just leave them alone, they'll probably be fine!

I've also been thinking about digging up (stop rolling your eyes, Mom!) my Beautyberry Bush (it's never bloomed and never put on a berry show), and replace it with a native Buckeye (Aesculus parviflora) that I'll be getting at the plant trade next month. It's a cool, large specimen plant with bottlebrush flowers, and those neat buckeye things later on. And it would fit right in to the Zoo theme. I just am not sure about how much sun it will get there. That is my only hesitation.


Sherrie said...

You going to move the BB or dump it? You know I'm with you on the plant moving... I figure my plants take after me and have wanderlust!

Anonymous said...

Never could understand how you two could move so much. Mom