Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give Peas a Chance

I took the kids outside to play this afternoon. After two days of unseasonably cold weather, it was so nice to be outside and be warm! I took a look around the gardens to see if I had any damage from the freeze. And, for the most part, covering up stuff seems to have worked. I covered up my Hydrangeas, Japanese maples, and some tender perennials. There were only a couple of things that got nipped. The one thing I was most disappointed about was my Persicaria. The foliage looked so beautiful yesterday! Alas, no more. The Texas Tarragon looked like it may have suffered some damage, too. Everything else in the veggie garden looked pretty good, albeit a little wind blown. I was righting the pea plants, so they'd be back on my homemade tents, and I noticed I had several little peas coming in! I was so excited! These are my very first peas. I said, "Look Duncan, peas!" He got all excited, because I was excited. He kept saying, "Peas!" I was afraid with his rough handling, we may have pulled them all off, but they remain intact. There is probably only enough for one serving! Hopefully, we'll have more coming in soon.

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Sherrie said...

What fun! The pea shoots themselves are edible, too; you can pick the tips, no longer than 10" or so, pull off and discard the tendrils, then stir fry the shoots. This will also make the plants bushier so you get more shoots and more peas later!