Thursday, April 30, 2009

Duncan, the Budding Photographer

I caught Miranda walking around with the brand new camera yesterday. I took it, and gave her something equally interesting (like a cute bear.) I didn't have to ask how she got it. Of course, she wouldn't have said, "Duncan." She may have said, "bubba" or "gujus" or "doggy!" I put two and two together when I found a chair pushed up to the computer armoire, and papers scattered everywhere.


What I didn't know was that Duncan used the couple of seconds between getting the camera, and getting the camera taken away (by Miranda. She's very grabby) to take a couple of pictures.

Miranda, always ready to strike a pose. She sees the camera, and starts saying, "Cheese!" When she sees Daddy with the camera, she starts walking over, and she's immediately hamming it up.

Duncan's attempt at art photography. What we're probably missing is Miranda's cheesy grin!


Anonymous said...

Duncan is showing a lot of talent, but for the time being maybe you should find another place for the camera.

Pam said...

No kidding!

Sherrie said...

Did you get that kiddy camera you were talking about for Evan? Looks like it might be a genetic thing...