Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Up?

I talk to my mom fairly regularly. And in Spring, those conversations revolve around "what's up" in the garden. I am ever the optimist, "Just give it a few more days or a week, Mom, it'll probably come up." Mom never seems to think anything will come back. I'm happy to say that it looks like most things are coming up in Evan's Zoo Garden! It's a little early to look for some stuff, but all of my coneflowers are up--if only just barely!

Spotted Trillium Trillium maculatum

Well, I have a trillium that's up in my Woodland garden. I think there are supposed to be one or two more. I'll keep my eye out. I also have a surprise Trillium in my lawn! I showed it to Duncan, and he ripped off one of the leaves. So, maybe now it's a di-lliam? I need to delicately remove it to a better location, or else the lawn mower will get the two remaining leaves!

Celandine Poppy Stylophorum diphyllum

Oftentimes, woodland plants have colors that blend in with the forest, and aren't noticeable. Pretty, but softer shades. Not Celandine Poppy. I can see the bright yellow flowers from my house. I love this little plant. Great foliage that reminds me of oakleaves, and flowers with pizazz.

Hardy Geranium

I have several hardy geraniums in my butterfly garden. I mostly don't know their cultivars, because I got them in trade, or one was not labeled at the nursery.

Hardy Geranium

I do know that I really love them. They grow into nice little mounds, and the flowers sit atop little stalks (for lack of a better word.) They come in pinks, blues, purples, and others. Rozanne, which I bought last year, blooms sporadically through the summer, but mostly (for me) hardy geraniums bloom in early to mid spring.

My new stone path in the Veg Garden!

And this is how I spent my morning! Miranda and I went to the stone place and got more stone and mulch. She was asleep when we pulled into the drive, so I put her to bed. Then I got to work! It only took about an hour to get everything installed, and I think it looks great!


Anonymous said...

My trilliums don't have buds.:( Dad says you and Sherrie are both better horticulturists than I. It's sad.Mom

Sherrie said...

Dad is full of beans... where do you think we got it from?

Great pics, I can't wait to see how everything grows and changes through the growing season.

Pam said...

yep, what she said.