Thursday, March 5, 2009

This and That

I took some pictures for Garden Bloggers bloom day last month. I was lazy and didn't get them uploaded. Then, a certain little boy dropped the camera one too many times on the floor, and now the camera is broken, and I think my photos are lost. No biggie about the pics. However, the camera will be missed! The photos were of some really lovely Daffodils in Evan's Garden. yellow. Very nice. I decided I need some white ones in there, too. This time of year for the Southeast, Daffodils are everywhere. They're just beautiful. It makes me want to plant them all over the place for next year!

This past weekend, this is how the Daffodils looked! They are mostly recovered, but not all of them made it. Snow on Sunday, and 70's this weekend. Wacky! Oh no. Don't think I'm complaining. I'm all about the 70's. This may actually mean I can go outside and do some work in the yard. I'm so excited! I've got some winter clean up to do, and of course, work on the veg bed. Maybe I can twist an arm and get my birthday pallet of stone this weekend. I have to admit, though, ever since I got a couple of plant catalogs in the mail, all I can think about is ornamentals! I've been pouring over the catalogs, the gift card I got to Park Seed burning so hot in my pocket, I can't stand it! And now...after doing a little surfing on GardenWeb, I found a thread about front yard gardens. I've had such a difficult time with my front beds. I've been so frustrated. I just wanted something that would be pretty and look good with a traditional style house. I found a picture on this thread that I really like, and will use as my inspiration for my front gardens. I'm so excited that the design part is out of my hands. I already know it looks good. Of course, I'll have to tailor it to suit the size of my space, but hopefully I will finally like what's out there!

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