Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

I think we may end March with a surplus of rain this year. We may still be behind for the year (I'll have to check.) We have been utterly and completely waterlogged since Wednesday. So, not much gardening. I did, after an arm twisting from my mom, plant the rest of my lettuce and onions. So, I have 12 heads of lettuce, and 8 onions. I have no idea about how to harvest onions, so any pointers would be appreciated. I bought some carrot seeds that I'll start in April. no idea on harvest for those, either. Do ya just dig 'em up after a month or two?

I didn't do much gardening, but I did do some purchasing! My mom came to help with the kids on Wednesday and Thursday, and we made time to go to Crazy Eddie's Used Plants! Ok, it's not actually called that, but the prices are so low (because it's an outlet), that it conjures up images of crazy salesmen and "their low low prices" and "everything must go!" They sell mostly "popular" plants that you find everywhere, but at rockbottom prices. They're not going to have all kinds of cool cultivars, just the usual. So no, I didn't find Rudbeckia "City Garden" or any of my choices for my kids' names. But that's ok, I'm starting to think I might try Rudbeckia "Early Bird Gold" instead of the "City Garden." It's one that's supposed to bloom longer than the usual Rudbeckia fulgidas. We'll see! What I did pick up from Crazy Eddie's: Heuchera, Tiarella, Abutilon...and I think that's it. We also went by my local Perennials place (in the rain), and I was pleased to see more organization, more plants with tags. It's nice to not have to guess what's what! They're making more of an effort this year, and that makes me happy. I want them to succeed.

So, we have a few days where the sun is actually supposed to reappear. Maybe I can wade back to the back 40 and make sure everything is ok, and then once things are a little drier, get plantin'!

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