Thursday, March 19, 2009

Or, Maybe I Can Help You

I've had a couple of interesting retail encounters lately, that made me ponder over the fate of my fellow man. No, that's not true. But it did make me question the "great" local public school system. When I went to (groan) Walmart today to pick up the mystery pictures taken on the mystery rolls of film in the mystery camera, I asked the guy behind the desk to get them for me. He went to look in one place. Not there. He tried another. Not there, either. He asked when I dropped them off. Last Thursday. He looked at the display and touched the Table of Dropoff and Pickup times. This is the same guy who was there last week. The guy who said, "the pictures should be here by Wednesday." He looked at the display, clearly confused, and said that the pictures should be here yesterday. He went and looked in those two places again. Not there. So, I'll try again tomorrow, because, he says, there will be another shipment then. I tell you, I will be extremely disappointed if my mystery pics have gone missing.

I can understand not being able to find someone's pictures. But my grocery encounter made me thankful the cashier had a register to do her math. I was buying some Luna bars, and she commented that she loved Luna bars. "Oh yeah?" I said. "What are you favorite flavors?" She rattled off a few I haven't tried, and told me, "I hate to tell you this, but they're on sale at Kroger."

I ask, "How much are they?"

She thought and then said, "50 cents. You know, 10 for 10."

I looked at her, thinking about how 10 items for $10 is $1 each. In fact, I didn't really need to think about that. Some things you just know. I mean after first grade or so. I didn't say anything, because besides the math booboo, she was really friendly.

I'll be back for my pictures again tomorrow. Wish me luck, and no more twilight zone retail encounters!

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Sherrie said...

OUCH! The Luna bar thing is particularly bad... Fingers crossed for your piccies!