Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Stuff

My hubby found the memory card with the photos from last month's "Garden Blogger Bloom Day," which had gone missing in the Great Broken Camera Debacle. Well, it wasn't really a debacle. Just a little boy with butter fingers. So, here are a couple of things that were in bloom on February 15th.

We planted this Royal Star Magnolia in honor of Duncan's birth. There were a couple dozen flowers. And then it snowed. Poor thing, didn't have a chance.

This is one of the daffodils in Evan's Garden. They looked really beautiful for a few weeks. They didn't do so well after the snow, either. Once I figure out where my "fancy" camera is, I'll post pictures of the daffies that did make it through the cold. After admiring the hundreds of daffodils on my neighbor's property, I have decided I need more. I just have two plants in Evan's Garden and several lining the street in front of our house. I'm definitely going to plant more in Evan's Garden, and possibly along the creek bank. I suppose that will be a fall project.

And, of course, the biggest excitement here lately is our brand new rock wall! We went and purchased rock last Saturday, they delivered it, and Justin got to work. I didn't expect it to be done for a few weeks, so I kissed the cool season veggies good bye. Justin surprised me, however, and got the wall finished, and the soil installed all last weekend! I did some more dirt moving this week, and moved my sickly looking herbs over. Hopefully, they will be less neglected there. I started some seeds for warm season gardening--basil, tomatoes, summer savory, as well as some fun stuff for Evan's zoo garden: Bunny Tail Grass and Teddy Bear Sunflower. Now I just have to decide if I have time to get some cool weather stuff in the ground. I guess I should do some research. Can't wait!

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