Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The kids and I went plant shopping with LaLa today. After lunch I purchased an old fashioned lollipop for Duncan. He dug right in. He worked on that thing all afternoon and on the way home. He fell asleep with it propped up in his hand. When I heard a clank, I knew the lollipop was on the car floor. And when little boys and their lollipops are separated, it is cause for wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. He was truly upset at first, and made the usual screechy sounds. But then he reached out his arm, with a little grunt, and said, "I can't reach!" I pretended to reach for it, too (although it was a good 3 feet out of reach), and said, "I can't reach it, either, Duncan!" I pushed a cookie into his hand. Not interested. Trefoils are not always popular with the 3 and under set. I tried another. Ahh...success. Thin mints always work for me, too. After munching on his cookie, Duncan looked longingly over to his lolly and said with a sigh, "I love you, lollipop."



Mezzo Forte said...

VERY cute! Sounds like something Garrett would say. One night, after thanking God for Mom, Dad, Sara Beth...ya know he paused and then in the most sincere tone I've ever heard he said, "Thank you Lord for chocolate cake. Amen"

Amy said...

Benjamin has been begging for one of those lollipops. The spiral multicolored kind, is that what you mean? We have a book with picture of one and he's always wistfully saying how he wishes he had one.

Did you take any pictures of Duncan with it? Benjamin would love to see them. (He loves looking at your kids on this blog!)

Pam said...

That's the kind. But not the lolly that's bigger than his head. Alas, no pics.

I thank the Lord for chocolate cake, too, Leslie!