Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Are Expensive

Evan Wondering What Trouble He Can Make with the Dishwasher

You already know that to feed, clothe, and educate a child is increasingly expensive each year. And think of all of the toys! My kids have a playroom that runneth over. But today I'm not thinking about the usual expenses. Today I'm thinking about all of those things around the house that seem to get broken and need to be replaced, after a little person enters on to the scene. I mentioned recently my frustration with my little son when his sink play turned into Noah's Ark. Buckling floors, swelling countertops, and all. The dishwasher has seen better days. Both Duncan and Miranda think that the dishwasher door is an excellent seat. Sadly, this is the replacement for the dishwasher that Evan broke a few years ago! He liked to play with the buttons. So, the new machine has button locks, but it can still be opened. And sat on, apparently.

In the days before The Thing, we housed our TV and DVD and VCR players in an entertainment amoire. We learned the hard way that all things electronic should be out of reach! Evan broke our first DVD player. And VCR. Now we have our electronics out of reach, but now we have a Climber.

Evan wasn't interested in touching the ceiling. He may have wanted things that were out of reach, but it wasn't his style to do everything in his power to get it. He kept his feet planted firmly on the floor. Or sofa! And then there's Duncan. His greatest pleasure in life is climbing. He climbs up the shelves in the pantry. He climbs on chairs to reach on top of the refrigerator or other "out of reach" places. He climbs up Mount Mommy and jumps over Daddy in his obstacle course. Most recently Duncan climbed up on the computer chair to reach the "out of reach" stuff on top of the computer armoire. He's done this before, and it usually results in a pile of stuff on the floor (Duncan doesn't like clutter on top of things. Except the floor, of course.) This time, unfortunately, when he dumped out the basket, our camera crashed to the floor. Yep, it's broken.

I keep hearing, "Oh, he's such a boy" or "He's just being a boy." So, when does "being a boy" stop exactly? I mean, grown men don't usually go around breaking stuff. And you think this is bad? You should see Duncan's toys!


Betharoopie said...

I'm not sure if boys ever grow out of it. Joe has trashed 2 digital cameras and an untold number of sunglasses. And part of a friend's car.

Pam said...

Oh NO!

Anonymous said...

Well I think I know what to get ya'll for Christmas!

Pam said...

You think we can live without a camera till Christmas with all the cuteness around here?!

Anonymous said...

Well I see your point. You would miss a whole lot of cuteness. Maybe a Daylight Savings Time Celebration present? Lala celebrates that like it's a major holiday! I'm planning to open the bottle of Cakebread Chard I've been saving for awhile to toast the return of "light at night"

Mezzo Forte said...

Girl- Garrett is a climber too! Sara Beth NEVER did the kinds of stuff he does because she, like Evan, kept her feet on the floor. she's always been my cautious kid. Garrett on the other hand...lemme just assure you that you are NOT alone honey!!! LOL