Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Have a Vegetable Garden!

It's official! I got to work this weekend. I bought some bamboo poles and string, and made my own tepees, after seeing how expensive they were ready made. It wasn't so hard to make. The hardest part was keeping my 2 year old son from destroying them!

After making the first tepee, I stuck it in the ground, and planted the sweet peas plants at the base. Then I did the same with the second.

I decided to plant my lettuce back behind the tepees, so they might get a little afternoon shade in our hot climate.

I planted my little onions alongside the lettuce. I've read a lot about crop rotation and companion planting, and I'm hoping that my placement is going to work. Who wants lettuce that tastes oniony? I also planted my new, teeny rosemary in the back, and a low growing Golden Thyme in the front. I'm hoping it will spill over the rock wall.

Today I planted a couple of Texas Tarragons on either side of the proposed path. I'll probably stick with flowering annuals or herbs alongside the path. Since the path doesn't go anywhere, I think I may put something as a focal point at the end. I'm thinking a nice urn shaped pot with some flowering annuals and trailing annuals, as well.

We're thinking we'll do the path in the same stone as the wall. This was Justin's idea! I just need to get on the ball with mulching, before I'm overrun with weeds!

I can't wait till my first harvest!


Anonymous said...

Are those sweet peas for the tepees flowers or real peas to eat? I found some Texas Tarragon at H Depot yesterday but then saw how tall it gets and can't figure out where it should go. Most of my herbs are low growing. Pop got some seeds and plans to start tomatoes and a few other things. I'm not holding my breath that's gonna happen. lettuces are in the ground by the fountain. Lala

Sherrie said...

It looks GREAT! I don't know if you saw Mark's FaceBook: I planted chard, salsify, and beet seeds outside and about an hour later it started SNOWING. Nothing stuck, but it's not too late for snow here yet!

Pam said...

I never found the pics on FB (unless it's the one with the bird.)

The sweetpeas are the kind to eat. This is my vegetable garden, although I do think I may have some flowering things in there. Well, if/when I make it bigger, I can put some flowering things there. It's a small start.

Sherrie said...

No pics, just his update where he talks about the snow.

jenny said...

How'd your garden weather the frost?

Pam said...

I know my mom said they had a frost at their house, but if we had one, everything did just fine. I thought it was pretty chilly this morning, but when I looked out to check on things, all of my tender perrenials still looked good. I didn't bring any of my new purchases in, either, so I'm glad I didn't have any problems!