Monday, March 9, 2009

Duncan, Rockin' the Wall

Justin completed the rock wall this past weekend. We started with the first course of stone a couple weeks ago. We got the rest of the stone on Saturday. Justin moved at lightening fast speed, and it was done Sunday. You wouldn't know Justin was the one building the wall by the pictures we took.

What Little Boy Doesn't Like to Play in the Dirt?

Duncan Calls this "Building a House!"

Funny Faces and Hard Work Go Hand in Hand

Duncan Finds Another Use for His Hammer

Climbing, Naturally

Building Rock Walls Sure Is Fun!

"Say cheese!"

A Well Deserved Rest


Amy said...

Duncan is soooo cute! I love his baby chub. Benjamin's is almost all gone except for a little tummy. I want to give Duncan a snuggle.

That wall looks great but it also looks like it was a TON of work!

Pam said...

It was a ton and a half of work, actually! I'm telling you, I've never seen Justin go so fast.

Sherrie said...

Wow, that looks FANTASTIC! Great job, Justin!

Anonymous said...

Great looking wall. You're right, I'm jealous.
Great pics of the 'young'un', too.

Anonymous said...

Rock wall looks amazing Justin. Now wasn't that fun? Lala

Anonymous said...

Love the wall...and your boy hard at work! It really did look like Duncan did it by himself!! Cannot believe Miranda is a year old!! Only yesterday, I was at your baby shower! Where did the time go!