Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's Next...Book Burning?

It's not just handmade children's toys and apparel on the chopping block. Now children's books printed before 1985 are being deemed unsafe, because apparently at that time, printers could use small amounts of lead in the printing process. Here's a link to the article:

Consignment sales can continue to sell used toys, clothes, and books, as long as the item "does not exceed the lead limit." Because so many of these things have not been tested, the seller doesn't know. It's too expensive to send every little thing off to be tested, and time consuming to check every list out there. So what's a seller to do? Burn the books? Throw perfectly good toys away? The thrift store where my parents volunteer has chosen to stop carrying any children's items. In our current economic state, parents need a price break on clothes and toys. And what about the libraries? Am I supposed to chuck all of the books from my childhood? Or just not sell them?! Can you tell that I'm frustrated?


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my books. Lord, they're antiques by now!

Anonymous said...

just don't have them for snacks.

Mezzo Forte said...

well unless everyone is gonna start licking the books or eating the pages...argh, this is just nuts! keep the books - read the books, and like anonymous said...just don't have them for snacks. There will always be the over zealous who throw the baby out with the bath's getting a little ridiculous. I mean seriously, there are "bigger fish to fry" right?