Monday, February 16, 2009

Warm Weather and Cranky Babies

We've spent more time outside than in lately with the mild weather. It's been beautiful! And Duncan has been, dare I say it, well behaved. Well, for the most part. Of course, as I write this there are all sorts of crashing sounds coming from the playroom. At least time spent outside means he's running off some of that energy, and more importantly, having fun. The warm temperatures are making the gardener in me want to work. On our super romantic Valentine's Day, we went to go buy some rock. Unfortunately, the place was closed. The sign on the gate said, "Open Monday thru Saturday, 8-5." It was 3. We'll try again this week. Maybe we'll call them first!

Duncan has been a happy little camper. Miranda, on the other hand, has had a pretty bad cold. She's been tugging on her ears, and I thought she may have another ear infection. So, I took her to the doctor this morning for a check. For once, she's clear! She does have at least five new teeth coming in, though! Five! And two of them are molars! No wonder she's been kind of cranky, and screamy! So yeah, she'll be getting Motrin again at bedtime. We may need to look into some Baby Orajel, too. Bless her little heart!

I'm off to take the kiddos outside. happy President's Day!


frogonthefly said...

Are you getting the rocks from Luxury Landscape? That is where we got ours.

Pam said...

That's where we went, but they were closed.

frogonthefly said...

Good place. We have had several deliveries from them. Only thing I don't like is that they dump the rocks onto your driveway (if embeded with mulch) or on your grass (without mulch). Kind of makes a mess. but other than that...we have been very pleased.