Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It Yourself

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. We took the kids outside for some playtime in the yard, and Justin and I got to work. Justin started putting down the last of the mulch, and I decided to mark out where I wanted my veggie garden. Pretty soon, Justin was not feeling so well, and went back inside. I don't know if it was the good weather or having fun with my son, but I started digging. I ended up digging a trench in preparation for the stone wall that will be part of the terraced veggie bed. My neighbor came over and offered help. So, we chuckled about how "I am woman, hear me roar" and how we can do anything. We ended up with a trench 12' long, 2' wide, and maybe 2' deep. Justin came back out. The look on his face was truly priceless. It was one of those, "What the heck has been going on here?!" looks. But he got in on the fun, too. Justin measured out the space, and put some string out for us to have as a guide. All of this while my son, Duncan, "helped." He dug, then refilled, stepped on the string, and hammered the stakes. There's nothing to tucker a little guy out like 4 hours of play/hard work outside. We got the first course of stone (rocks that were found on our property) down, along with some sand and gravel. Now we just have to go get some more stone! It's so exciting to have broken ground on this project. There's still a lot of work to do, but it feels great to finally have started. Woohoo!

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Sherrie said...

I can't wait to see pictures!