Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing Going On

I've been couped up in the house with a snotty little girl for the last couple of weeks, so I haven't done any gardening. I've barely even thought about gardening. Maybe it's because I've been fighting the cold off, too. Our terraced bed for the veggie garden is still waiting on some stone to finish the wall. And dirt. I don't know when the bed will be ready, so I haven't purchased any seed. I guess it won't be ready in time for spring planting, so perhaps I should start looking for late spring/summer seeds. Looking forward to warmer weather!

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Sherrie said...

The seeds can stay in pots for weeks... there's a barbershop downtown here that starts tomatoes in one of those big rubbermaid-type storage boxes, and they get quite a foot or so tall before he plants them. Or you can just buy plants when you're ready!