Monday, February 9, 2009

Duncan the Menace?

Grief is a strange monster. People generally tell me "I'll be thinking about you" or "praying for you" on the significant anniversaries each year. Birthdays, death anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day. What I have found as a bereaved parent (and I'm sure this applies to anyone suffering the loss of a loved one) is that the anniversary days are usually not so bad. It's the days (and sometimes weeks) that lead up to the anniversary, as well as the days following. Basically, Evan's birthday was a super day. But the week before hand I was pretty down. And I was pretty emotional last week after the birthday, too.

My little wild man, Duncan, tried his hardest to distract me. Unfortunately, his methods need to be refined. I already had issues with Duncan climbing up on a chair to play with the water and the sink. I asked him ever so nicely not to turn the water on (we are in a drought, after all!) But that kitchen hose is just too tempting! Over the last two weeks, I found him playing in there with water all over the counter tops and our hardwood floors. Sometimes he got a time out, sometimes not. Finally, last week I decided this must stop. I pulled all of the chairs out of the kitchen, and even out of the playroom. I thought, "This will stop him!" I underestimated the determination of one small boy. I heard the water running, and walked in. Duncan had pushed the kitchen table over to the sink, climbed onto the table, and into the sink. After a good week of the flooring getting soaked, the boards have started to buckle, and the el cheapo counter tops (with particle board underneath) are starting to swell. I had visions of having to remodel the kitchen all because of one naughty little boy. Then I implemented my mom's idea: turn off the water from under the sink. Too bad I didn't do this sooner! It would have saved many tears and angry words.

Duncan's behavior certainly was distracting! Thank goodness for the mild weather this week. We can get outside and burn off some of that seemingly boundless energy. I'm hoping that keeping Duncan outside will keep him out of the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Everything Duncan sees that's cylindrical is a fire fighters hose. Now he has found one that actually works. He can practice putting out pretend fires. Better hide the matches.

Anonymous said...

when Justin was a little boy if you asked him what firemen did he would announce (they make fires!) Lala