Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Same Ole Same Ole

Long time no see. I've taken a little break from the blog. I didn't really plan it that way. I had days that I thought about logging on, but Justin was firmly lodged in front of the computer. He would have moved, had I asked, but it was easier to just go to bed. With all of the night awakenings (and early mornings), Christmas excitement, and me being sick, I've felt the need for sleep. Not that I'm getting enough. If the two little persons that live here could just sleep through the night...sigh. Justin's had some late nights, too. But the late night works weird mysteries on my husband. He becomes this strange organizational neat freak. Things get thrown away that have been sitting around for a month, the pantry gets straightened. And then, if he's up again the next night, re-straightened.

The kids and I went to see Grandma and Grandpa this week. We left Daddy at home to catch up on some projects. We came home yesterday after a not so relaxing trip (what is it with the night wanderings of the 3 and under set?) Justin has added to The shelves, and cabinet doors ready to install. And the pantry was re-organized. Again. He also put hooks on some doors that were too easy for Duncan to open.

I took all of the decorations off the tree, and I suppose we'll say goodbye to it this weekend. I'm always kind of sad to see it go. It's not so much the pre-Christmas and New Years period that give me the blues. It's afterwards, when I have to put all the pretty things away and go back to the boring old way things always are. And more seriously, another new year means one more year that I haven't seen Evan. I suppose I would get the Christmas blues if I didn't have family around on the holidays. I get the New Year's blues because I miss my son.

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(((Pam))) Love you.