Monday, January 19, 2009

It Snot Over Yet!

The last several days have just been plain miserable.

Duncan came down with his cold on Tuesday night. He was cranky all the next day, but a bit better by Thursday.

I've been having "allergy" symptoms off and on for a month or more, but things started to get ugly last Wednesday. I was coughing and had a nice bass voice by late Thursday, snot galore, achiness, and I've had a fever off and on since Friday.

Miranda started to get sick Thursday. She's been very snotty and cranky.
Her nursing has really suffered. She's started to refuse the breast at least once a day. So, I've been pumping the last couple of nights just to be comfortable.

Justin, amazingly, hasn't gotten sick. Although, it seems like it's going to happen anytime. He's taken good care of us. Duncan has already bounced back to his normal self. Kids are so tough. I just wish our little Panda Bear could breathe through her nose again. When I go to wipe the double barrel green worms, she turns her head to avoid me. It's like she's saying, "I need that snot, Mommy. Don't take it away."

When Evan was snotty he always demanded, "Gimmee a tissue." He'd wipe his nose, and toss the dirty tissue on the chair, on the floor, pretty much anywhere but the trash can. He would quickly be surrounded by little tufts of white.

I plan to take them (and probably me) to the doctor tomorrow. Again.

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