Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do De Do

Well, I've thought about doing some gardening. Does that count for anything? I walked around the future site of my veggie garden, and measured in "Pam feet." I bought some calendula seeds, 'cause I hear they're a good companion plant. Plus, they're cute. I have some nice gardening gift cards, thanks to some generous family (my birthday was the other day.) Maybe I should do a to do list here. Maybe putting it on the Internets will get me going.

To Do:
1. Put together my new "portable" (it's way too heavy to be really portable) greenhouse. Let's be honest...get Justin to do it.

2. Start some seeds.

3. Prep the veggie site

a. Till
b. Amend
c. Terrace
d. Amend
e. Plant
f. mulch
g. Consider fencing because I know there are lots of bunnies and deer out there

4. Finish spreading mulch.

5. Have fun. Perhaps that should be #1!

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