Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Miranda all gussied up to see the Big Man. Santa, that is.

Waiting to see Santa

I hoped that seeing several other children sit calmly in Santa's lap would help my kids see that Santa was ok. I expected Miranda's face to fall, her lower lip to poke out, and her girly little sobs to ensue. However, she did great! She looked at Santa and gave a smile or two. I really think she had a good time.

Duncan, on the other hand, seemed to try to make himself as small as possible, willing himself to be somewhere else. Santa tried to ask Duncan what he wanted for Christmas. But Duncan sat there, frozen. Afterwards, we gave him cookies and chocolate, and he thawed out again. Maybe next year we'll try giving him cookies beforehand.


Anonymous said...

the little red dress is really cute on her. Tell
Duncan I'd do the same thing if someone plopped me on the lap of a fat man with a beard (uh-oh, don't tell Beau) wearing a red suit.

Pam said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! or is it Ho Ho Ho!?

Anonymous said...

Now what this family needs is a cute little dog!