Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Say To-May-To

And I say...well, I say to-may-to, too. But there are those who do say to-mah-to. When you're born into this world, you're kinda stuck with the accent of those who surround you. Or are you?

My hubby, Justin, and I are both from the South. We don't have the exaggerated drawls that Hollywood portrays. In fact, the only overtly Southernism we use often is y'all (which is so much better than you guys!) When we started our little family, we were excited by those first utterings of our chatty little son. Evan said all of the usual things in the beginning. As he got a little older, I expected him to take on our accent and pronunciation of words.

When Evan started saying, "I see it!" I looked where he pointed his finger and exclaimed, "I see it, too!" Pretty soon, Evan was saying, "I see it. I see it, too!" because he picked it up from Mommy. What he added was his own little Southern boy accent. He sounded like that little girl in the old Shake and Bake commercials, "and I helped." Making "helped" a two syllable word. When Duncan arrived Evan called him "Dooncan." When enjoying a bowl of Grandma and Grandpa's homemade strawberry ice cream, he called it "ice cwame." And when the buffalo on a nearby farm had gone in for the day, Evan sadly announced, "Bufflo gowan."

Duncan is just now starting to get into the talking groove. Now that he's figuring out new words (and better yet, being understood!), he's really making an effort. It's a lot of fun listening to him name objects, count, and describe his surroundings. He told me thank you yesterday. It sounded like "Tan Too", but I knew what he meant, and gave him a hug. Duncan hasn't shown much of an accent as he has begun his new interest in the world of words. Not until just recently, that is.

Duncan loves the outdoors, and gleefully points out tees (trees), fows (flowers), and boids. That's right. He says boids. Evan was my Southern boy, and Duncan is my Yankee! I expect that this is just how toddlers navigate their way through the mysterious world of pronunciation. It takes practice. It makes me wonder how Miranda will interpret the words she hears. Can't wait to find out!

In the meantime...enjoy your boid for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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