Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rock and Roll!

Or Wock and Woll! as Duncan would say. Duncan was a rock star for Halloween this year.

Are you ready to rock?

And Miranda was his groupie.

We went to only five houses on our street, but that was enough.

Duncan rang the doorbell, said his version of trick or treat (more like chee chee!), and snuck in the neighbor's house. Out of the five houses we visited, we entered four. Our little explorer had to go in and check everything out. He mostly just embarrassed his parents.

Band on the Run

Thankfully, unlike a real rock star, he didn't wreck anything!

We couldn't find his trick or treat pumpkin, so he took his drum. I was his roadie for half of our adventure, but by the time we were headed back home, he wanted his own instruments.


Amy said...

VERY cute. Rock star was a great idea! Benjamin would have been happy to go as a member of the band Devo but it seemed like too much work to me so I bought a lion costume at Target. I am lazy.

I love Duncan's green hair! He looks happy to be a rock star.

Anonymous said...

Did the green stuff wash out? I'd be his groupie any day-lala