Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Work on Evan's Garden

I got the Oxblood Lily bulb, the Allium bulbs, and my pansies planted today. I amended the soil for the pansies, cause I hear they like to be fed. hopefully, they'll like it there. Nice reds and yellows...two of Evan's favorite colors. I think I'm done with planting and fall cleanup in Evan's garden now. I decided this time around to include annuals in Evan's garden. The pansies will be replaced by "Teddy Bear" sunflower and probably "Blue Angel" Angelonia next spring. I thought I would like always having a planting task for his little garden. I mean, I know I'll have to mulch, weed, and thin out things, but it's fun to add something new periodically. And maybe even change it up in future years. I like having options.

I've still been lazy with the photos. I've got the following still in bloom: Pineapple sage (love it!), "Goldflame" honeysuckle, sage, pink muhly grass, a tomato plant(!), and some coneflowers. Plus pansies, of course.

The last couple of months have been jam packed with transplanting, planting new stuff, digging up, thinning out, and watering (which is a task when using rain barrel water in a bucket!) It's nice to feel like I've accomplished so much, but I'm a little concerned about lack of gardening activity over the winter months. Hmmm...hopefully, I'll be starting some seeds from Santa after the new year. And there's that little edible garden project I've been thinking about. That means building a bed. Which means dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. And some sort of border, like concrete blocks or something. And then planning. That's the fun part! Besides doing the work and reaping the rewards. Ok, maybe I'll be busy after all.

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