Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look At This Mess!

There's been a lot of talk about messes here lately. Duncan generally points to some papers, toys, food, or whatever is spilled on the floor, and exclaims, "Mess!" Of course, then he'll find a box of diapers or pile of papers and dump them all over the floor. I think just so he can say, "Mess!" He's proud of it. Maybe not so much after I ask him to help clean up. He used to just stand and manage my cleaning progress, but lately he's been helping.

Just to show you that the kids aren't the only mess makers around here!

We were thinking of using our old toilet as a new planter in the front yard. What do you think? You think our Home Owner's Association will like it?

Evan was also a little mess maker. Duncan saying "Mess" all the time brings back some messy Evan memories. In spite of being a good eater, Evan spilled food on the floor or all over himself at most meals. Like his Daddy, Evan couldn't get the grub into his mouth fast enough. And, unlike his Daddy, Evan often missed the target! He also watched as a grumpy Mommy cleaned everything up.

Just like Duncan, Evan started to help out when he got a little older. When Evan created a mess, he seemed surprised, and said with wonder, "Look at this mess!" or "What happened?" Duncan, on the other hand, seems quite aware of it, knows he did it, and declares "Mess!" with pride. Sigh.

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Amy said...

The toilet is funny, because we're thinking of replacing ours and I was just wondering to myself, what the heck will I do with the old one? Plant flowers in it??? Ew!