Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm a Terrible Garden Blogger

I never post, even when something is going on. Maybe it's because I'm gardening, and just not blogging about it!

The weather has been much more pleasant lately, so I've been out there working hard. We did have some close to freezing temperatures, and some actual frosts recently. I've mostly been transplanting things to and from Evan's Garden. Almost everything went to the Shrub Island. Of course, I just realized that everything in the Shrub Island is deciduous. So, I'm thinking I'll plant a small evergreen tree or shrub at the back of the bed. It's at the back of the property, and overlooks a neighbor's yard. So, it would be nice to have a little privacy plant back there.

In Evan's Garden I now have these "backbone" sort of shrubs: 2 dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangeas, 2 Iteas (1 Saturnalia and 1 Henry's Garnet), 2 Gardenias, and a Beautyberry. I also moved some Pink Muhly grass over there for some nice texture. The animal and Evan named plants will be my perennials and annuals. I currently have and have in place: Toad Lily, Turtlehead, Evan Saul Coneflower, Evan Matthew Dahlia, and some Calla lilies I got at Evan's funeral. Stuff recently received in the mail: Tiger Lily, a whole lotta Snakehead fritillary, Oxblood lily (maybe). Mom got me some white Swan coneflower. And I plan to start Teddy Bear Sunflower and Bunny Tail Grass from seed. And for some purple I'm going to get Blue Angel Angelonia next spring/summer. It's a lot of plants for not a huge garden. Hopefully, it will all pull together and look pretty wonderful. If not, I'm not afraid to dig it up.

My Daphne is still looking peaky. My other transplants look healthy and happy in their new homes. I dug up my Clethra alnifolia "Ruby spice" yesterday, so I need to get her into the ground (or give her away!) sometime soon.

Today we got pansies and some kale for the front beds. I got the kind of pansies with the big black spot in the center. I think as a kid, I always thought of them as panda flowers. Seems appropriate, since we call our 8 month old daughter panda bear.

I hope to take pictures soon, as I still have things in bloom.

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