Thursday, November 13, 2008


After some 17 hours of labor and close to three hours of pushing, Evan finally arrived. I thought the rigors of delivery had made him appear swollen and puffy. But even after a few weeks, the puffiness never went away. His cheeks seemed especially well endowed. And those cheeks were here to stay.

Upon seeing Evan for the first time, my sister in law Sarah said, "Well hello, Cheeks!"

Whenever we took him out to eat with us, the waitresses would ooh and ahh over Evan and his "jowls."

We endured cracks about how Evan, like a squirrel, must be packing food in his cheeks. It became a sore point with me. Evan didn't care, of course.

He just wanted to play. And play he did.

As he ran around the park, from slide to slide, yelling, "Here I am!" his cheeks jiggled.

And we both giggled.


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sherrie said...

And that darling widow's peak, too! What I wouldn't give.