Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on Sleepless Kids

I took the kids to the doc today. I thought Duncan had an ear infection for sure. Nope. He does have his last molar coming in, and it must just be a doozy. However, poor little Panda Bear does have an ear infection. On top of the ear business, something mysterious happened while I was in the bathroom after we got home. When I came back (I wasn't gone more than 6-7 minutes), Miranda had two goose egg bruises on her head! She wasn't crying, but it looked like she had been. I asked Duncan what happened, and he didn't say. his vocabulary is limited, but I was hoping for details. I suspect that he may have bonked her on the head, but I just don't know. She's doing some cruising now (walking alongside the sofa), and she's still unsteady, so she may have fallen. Needless to say, she'll be coming with me to the bathroom from now on. I feel like a terrible mommy. :(


sherrie said...

Accidents will happen even if you COULD watch her 24/7 and she's fine, so quit feeling like a bad mommy, Mrs Silly Pants!

Kathryn said...

Been there (given bruises) and seen bruises and wondered how they got there. It does happen. Just know that you are a great mom and you are not alone.