Sunday, October 12, 2008

Productive Week

In the last three weeks I've dug up at least 16 plants, transplanted and/or divided at least 9 plants, and planted a handful of new items. This week in addition to more digging and transplanting, I've yanked up a garbage can full of weeds, including numerous "weed" trees. We got more than 2 inches of rain last Wednesday, so it made the ground soft enough to make digging substantially easier. I kind of wish I'd waited to transplant all of those other plants after the rain. It would have been so much easier! Oh well. Live and learn, right? I did learn that digging into the ground during a drought can be back braking. So, when I went out today to do some more work, I wore a back brace. And gloves! I was beginning to be afraid I might have permanently dirty hands! I got a new pair of gloves with my Sambucus nigra "Black Lace" order from Greenwood Nursery. This was my first online live plant purchase. I've purchased bulbs and tubers online before with success. hopefully, this Sambucus will do well, too. I planted it back in the Shrub Island behind my Duncan Deutzia. I also moved my Snowflake Viburnum over there from Evan's Garden. It's in shock. I have to water regularly most of my transplants, so hopefully they'll make it!

I'm thinking about the Panther lily and Tiger lily for Evan's garden. It's so exciting to be planning again. I have hopes for better rain next year to support this new little animal garden! Fingers crossed.


sherrie said...

I so love the zoo garden idea. Don't forget Turtleheads! Trout lilies! Dogtooth violets! Buffalo grass! Catnip! Wow, so many options you will have such fun!

Pam said...

I know! I'm excited. It's a great feeling to have some direction. I was feeling so frustrated and like I was letting my little guy down.

I'm also planning on including the Evan named plants over there. I think the Evan Saul Echinacea and Tiger Lily would look great together. There's also a teddy bear sunflower. Can't wait! I think I'll start with the tiger and panther lilies and the snakehead fritillary. Bulbs I can plant right now. Many of the other things I'm considering are annuals, so I'll have to wait. I need to take a picture of what Evan's garden looks like now. kinda empty!