Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Rain!

After doing all that weeding, digging, and transplanting, we were fortunate to get another good rain. All of my transplants are looking like they survived shock. I wasn't sure they would all make it, but I'm pleased with what looks like 100 percent survival. When I dug up those weed trees, and some volunteer azaleas, however, I think I may have messed with my Daphne's roots. Either that or she's decided to commit hari kari. She's drooping like I've never seen before. I watered and we got that good rain. I haven't done any pruning. I'm not sure that that will do anything. Any ideas? I've heard that Daphnes sometimes do great in a spot, and then all the sudden die. It's too bad. It's a beautiful plant and has some special memories for me.

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